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Measurement Webinar - "EDI in US Cities" featuring Neal Halfon, MD, MPH and Lisa Stanley, DrPH. February 12, 2019, 1-2:30PM PST. REGISTER HERE.

Measurement Webinar - "EDI in Australia" featuring Sharon Goldfeld, FRACP, FAFPHM, PhD. March 5, 2019, 1-2:30 PM PST. REGISTER HERE.

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Using Systems Biology Based Approaches for Considerations Across the Life Course: Views from Public Health and Preventative Medicine featuring Elaine Faustman, PhD

By Elaine M. Faustman

This talk will focus on how public health and preventive medical scientists, as well as developmental and reproductive toxicologists, interpret and apply life course health developmental principles, with an emphasis on the first four principles of the Life Course Health Development (LCHD) framework (Health Development, Unfolding, Complexity, and Timing). The focus of this talk will be on early development and childhood, and the following learning objectives will be addressed:   1. Identifying how systems biology concepts inform public health decisions for improving health development 2. Defining the life course “exposome” taking lessons from a child cohort study 3. Discussing approaches for improving our understanding of within and between human variability across development using …

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Emerging Adulthood as a Critical Stage in the Life Course: An LCRN Webinar featuring David Wood

By David L. Wood

This webinar, part of the LCRN’s series based on the Handbook of Life Course Health Development, features David L. Wood, MD, MPH–Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics at East Tennessee State University’s Quillen College of Medicine.   In this webinar, Dr. Wood will be giving a presentation based on his chapter from the Handbook of Life Course Health Development entitled Emerging Adulthood as a Critical Stage in the Life Course.   Webinar recording available here    

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The Emerging Theoretical Framework of Life Course Health Development: An LCRN Webinar with Neal Halfon & Christopher Forrest

By Neal Halfon and Christopher B. Forrest

This webinar, part of the LCRN’s series based on the Handbook of Life Course Health Development, features Neal Halfon, MD, MPH – director of the Life Course Research Network (LCRN) – and Christopher B. Forrest, MD, PhD – pediatrician at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.     In this webinar, Drs. Halfon and Forrest will present the 7 principles that comprise their life course health development framework, including the empirical evidence that underlies each principle and the implications for future research. By shining a light on how early experience conditions future biological responses and influences health development pathways, the presenters hope to encourage theory building and testing, inspire innovative transdisciplinary research, and lead to future discussions that can help …

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Issue Brief – Why Becoming a Good Parent Begins in Infancy: How Relationship Skills Are Developed throughout the Life Course

By Edward L. Schor

Abstract   Learning social skills is a cumulative, lifelong task, the consequences of which can influence subsequent generations. These skills, built on temperamental differences observable early in infancy, are manifest in all stages of life, and they can be taught and reinforced at all ages and in numerous social settings. Social skill acquisition is profoundly important in attaining personal satisfaction in relationships and achieving success in many spheres of life, including parenting.   Learning effective social skills is strongly influenced by the circumstances in which social development occurs. Professionals, who are uniquely positioned to observe and help shape relationship skills, have a special responsibility to be aware of those educational …

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Middle Childhood – An Evolutionary Developmental Synthesis

By Marco Del Giudice

This webinar, part of the LCRN’s series based on the Handbook of Life Course Health Development, features Marco Del Giudice, PhD from the University of New Mexico.   Dr. Del Giudice is Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychology at the University of New Mexico. His main research area is the evolutionary study of human development across the life span, with a focus on individual and sex differences and their neurobiological basis. He has published more than 60 papers and book chapters on a wide range of topics, from the biology of developmental plasticity to the classification of mental disorders in an evolutionary framework. With his collaborators he has advanced the …

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Life Course Health Development of Individuals with Cerebral Palsy

By Briano Di Rezze, Matthew Freeman, Robert Palisano, and Debra Stewart

This webinar, part of the LCRN’s new series exploring the application of the Life Course Health Development framework to neurodevelopmental disabilities, features Briano Di Rezze, Matthew Freeman, Robert Palisano, and Debra Stewart.   Together these researchers from the CanChild Centre for Childhood Disability Research share their interpretive description of lifecourse health development of individuals with cerebral palsy to promote developmental capacities for future roles and healthy adult living beginning in childhood.   Webinar recording available here  

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