A Life Course Approach to Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Youth

This webinar, part of the LCRN’s series based on the Handbook of Life Course Health Development, features Pamela Salsberry, PhD, FAAN.


Dr. Salsberry is Professor and Director of the PhD Program in the College of Nursing at The Ohio State University. She uses a life course approach to study the effects of social and environmental factors on health, specifically childhood obesity, maturational processes, and health status. Dr. Salsberry is interested in studying the development of health disparities in low-income and minority women as well as exploring social justice concerns within the health care system having examined health services access in numerous studies. Most of this work has focused on barriers to health care, examining access issues in low-income and minority populations. She has also examined health services utilization in high-risk populations, including those with HIV and those with a serious mental illness.


Available here – Please note that during the first few minutes of his webinar, there is no visual, so you will see a black screen